Feeling down? Saddle up!

Wendy Brodhead

A note from Wendy Brodhead about the farm and herself. Enjoy!

Hi Everyone!

I've worked for and managed a number of farms, some of them run by top trainers up and down the east coast, as well as, provided their horses with state of the art physical therapy. I am a certified and licensed massage therapist with an emphasis in craniosacral sports therapy and reiki practice. I own three horses myself that I enjoy riding on a daily basis and taking lessons and occasionally going to a show or an event. I am always eager to learn and hope to have provided you with an environment that encourages an educational, proactive, positive, functional and helpful atmosphere for both horses and people alike.

Here at Shylah Farm we take pride in the fact that we are always on the cutting edge of the preventive care for the horse. We get updated on the latest findings for keeping your equine friend happy and healthy through the employees of Rood and Riddle, widely known as one of the best equine hospitals in the world. Because of this we have never had a colic. We also collect fecal samples on our horses and use the latest worming information and the results speak for themselves.

We don't use insecticides on our pastures so that the horses have a vast array of different forages in the fields, which also aids in the overall health of the horse. Our sand arena is very forgiving and designed in a way so that we can ride year round whether it is through rain storms or heavy snow due to its impeccable drainage and composition. Unlike other footings which are too deep or too shallow we have never had any suspensory issues, splints etc. due to its nature. The barn is also designed in a manner so that there is an ample amount of ventilation for a cleaner more circulated atmosphere with windows that open in the summer and close in the winter. In addition, it is open and airy and full of light even though our horses spend a great deal of time outside just being a horse.

These are just some of the things that I like to focus on here at the farm having experienced many other facilities both good and bad. I enjoy interacting with every horse on the farm so that I know what makes them the happiest and the safest and I get to experience their true personalities. This farm is by far the healthiest place in the area and a great place for equines and equine enthusiasts.

At Shylah Farm we have clients who are just boarding an older horse looking to be retired, along with, multiple students from the University of Kentucky who are looking to balance school and riding, as well as, everyone in between. We also pride ourselves with the quality of people that we have at our farm and the good nature of them and their horses. Here everyone is a friend and is willing to help you whether you need a leg up or a stall cleaning because you are running late. Whether you are looking for a place to board your training level eventer or your western pleasure horse we encourage you to come out and visit Shylah Farm (royalty to God and power) and see for yourselves!

~ Wendy Brodhead

Wendy Brodhead has been in the equine business for over 25 years. Within this time she has worked at some of the most well respected barns along the east coast and is now owning and running her very own facility, Shylah Farm, here in the horse capital of the world. She is a licensed massage therapist for the equine and has taken multiple classes in other fields relevant to equine satisfaction and wellness.

She currently owns three horses. Princess is a 8 year old black TB mare who is quick on her feet and needs a soft hand and is full of personality and sass. Duke is a 6 year old grey TB from the track who is laid back and eager to learn what cantering on the right is all about. Wendy hopes that Duke will one day be a star on the cross country field. Her other horse, Orville is a 7 yr TB currently leased and has a knack of finding trouble and never being able to finish what he has started with the other horses outside.