Galloping - Another word for flying.

Lay Overs

At Shylah Farm we also host individual and multiple horses from all over the world. So whether you are traveling back from Ocala or Aiken in the spring or across the USA to California, Shylah Farm would love to host your horse(s) for the night.

Our Lay Over includes (per night):

  • Your choice of stalls either 12 x 12 or 12 x 10

  • One of the 4 tack rooms plus additional storage

  • Quality hay and grain are available for purchase

  • Pine Shavings are used in the stalls and are available for purchase

  • Paddocks are also available ($25.00/ horse)

  • Long and short term trailer parking

  • Shylah Farm can also provide you with everything we give our full care horses, please contact Wendy Brodhead for prices and information.

  • * Please take a moment to view our note in the Directions Page about entrances and larger trailers.

    Please download one of our contracts and/or information sheets for rules and prices at Shylah Farm.

  • Boarding Costs

  • Boarding Contract

  • Self Care Boarding Contract

  • Rules of Shylah Farm